Born in Norwich, UK he is very much influenced and inspired by Ed Sheeran. He attended Rocklands primary school near Attleborough, where he played various musical instruments, his favourite being the Trumpet. At the age of 10, along with his family, he moved to Portugal where he studied at the International School of the Algarve. Upon his return to the UK he finished his studies at Eccles school.

A very able sportsman with his main passion being football (Soccer). Liverpool being his favourite team. At each of the schools he attended he was an outstanding athlete winning many athletic awards.

At the tender age of only 17 he was a winner in the Portuguese Algarve singing competition having never played in public before. One of the singing judges, Bill Elliott from the 70s/80s group ‘Splinter’ signed to George Harrison’s ‘Dark Horse record label (3 albums) was so impressed that he took Thomas ‘under his wing’ and mentored him. Over the past few years Thomas has improved enormously and has developed his own unique ‘Thomas Bainbridge’ style.

No need for backing music as his superb guitar playing, great vocals plus innovative use of the ‘loop pedal’ is all he needs to really entertain…………… ‘live’!

He is also a quite accomplished ‘producer’ having produced several of his own songs.

You can see a good cross section of his acoustic ‘live’ videos, audio recordings as well as his studio recordings on this site.

For those who like Ed Sheeran, Cold play, John Legend, Avicii, Bastille, Oasis, Beatles, Otis Redding and much more it’s a must see.

On this site you’ll be able to witness yourself his own outstanding original material. Someone to watch for the future.